In Rome hundreds of years ago, two children under the morning sun happily play, their mother, Connie LI Ya came and said to them: “My dear children, today a wealthy friends to come to our house guest she also showed us her fake panthere de cartier ring. ”

Afternoon, the wealthy friends came. Circle in her arm flashing a dazzling light, sparkling ring on her finger, wearing the gold necklace around his neck, pearl jewelry on hair reflects soft light.

The brothers look with envy at the guests, looking at his mother. Mother wearing only a prime coat, they do not have any valuable cartier packaging replica. But she was good-natured smile lit up her face, far better than any gems of light. Her golden brown hair into a long braid, coiled in the head like a crown.

Mother of two children to bring a sincere love and affection, this love to be warm than cold those jewels, material wealth can never be replaced by blood flowing love. Dazzling jewelry then you can not give in to accompany injured, but two children mother was able to bring unlimited joy and hope.

Maybe priceless gold and silver jewelry really extremely bright, but more valuable than their feelings on the world. If the eye-catching fake panthere de cartier necklace and then priceless family is so priceless, you can not measure how much gold and silver can not buy things. No loved one that is still surrounded by substance alone, penniless man in the world as long as the heart, love is the happiest.