Congratulations! You have decided that she is the one. Now, how do you sweep her off her feet and give her the proposal that she's been waiting for? Many guys try to make it a surprise — it's romantic and thoughtful and adds to the magic of the big moment. However, there are practical implications. Will she like the fake van cleef & arpels clover necklace? Will the ring fit her? She will absolutely want to wear it right away. So you should do some investigation. But how do you know what size she is? Here are a few ways to find out while still keeping it a secret.

1.Enlist The Help of Her Friends

Choose a friend or two that already has an engagement van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace wholesale. At brunch (or something similar) have one of the friends bring up rings and then suggest they all swap and try each other’s on (this is absolutely a fun and natural activity for women to do – believe it). When your [ringless] girlfriend tries her friends’ on, they’ll be able to judge how big or small their ring was on her. She might even drop some hints as to what she wants in this conversation, so remind the friends to keep their ears open for more than just size details.

2.Tell her it’s for someone else

You may be able to get her to divulge her ring size by telling her you want to buy a fake van cleef & arpels alhambra bracelet for your sister or mother. Tell her you want to get an estimated size for someone else and either ask her to try on a ring or ask her outright what her size is. Beware though; this method could be a dead giveaway if not done right.

3.Look At Her Current Jewelry

At the very least, you should get an idea about the kind of metal she wants. Does she always wear silver or white gold? Then it's probably best to avoid yellow gold (platinum is the safest option, anyway, see below.) Get a sense for her style. Our tip: actually take some digital photographs of her jewelry and show it to the merchant—this way you won't awkwardly fumble at the store and say, "Um...she likes shiny stuff, I guess."

4.Go to a festival

If you’re at an art festival or flea market or somewhere else with costume jewelry rings, act like you’re fooling around and start slipping on gaudy cocktail rings — and encourage her to do the same. Most rings, even those with diamonds or gems in the shank, can be sized up or down one size — though after that, it starts to compromise the integrity of the setting. Stones could fall out or get damaged. But if you’re really in doubt, it may be best to compromise and take her to the jewelry store with you. Even if she’s not blown away, at least she’ll have an engagement ring that’s a perfect fit — in more ways than one.

5.Compare Fingers

This method is a little more difficult, but if you are desperate, go ahead and try it out! When you are holding her hand,see if one of her fingers is similar in size to a finger of yours. For example, her ring finger might be as big as your pinky. This method isn’t amazingly accurate, but the more information we have on her fake van cleef & arpels jewelry size the closer we can get!

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