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Fake VCA Jewelry Faceted Stone Pendant Necklace

An intriguing mixture of stone finishes and bead scale make this van cleef replica necklace wholesale particularly eye-catching. The rough edges of the stone chips contrast pleasingly with the smooth seed beads and faceted stone pendant. The limited color palette of adventurine paired with the natural classic piece equally suited for business or casual wear.

  1. Begin making the stone pendant by stringing a 12″ (30cm) length of26-gauge wire through the hole in the faceted stone. Then twist the short end around the longer end two times. Cut off the shorter of the two wire tails with wire cutters.
  2. String a pearl onto the remaining wire. Create a loop in thewire with round-nose pliers and wrap the end of the wire twice around the base of the loop. Trim off the excess wire with wire cutters
  3. String a 20″ (51cm) length of wire with pearl seed beads (18″ [46cm] total length of beading). Slide the pendant ontothe pearl strand.
  4. String the remaining length of wire with 17¾” (45cm) of adventurine chips.Attach both wires to the clasp with a single crimp tube and flatten it awith crimping pliers. Crimp the tube a second time to fold it in half. Repeat on the other end of the wires to secure the other side of the clasp.

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