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Van Cleef packaging box is important to jewelry cheap

Gift wrap and gift is as important, if  the gifts slightly be modified, it will  make people feel pleasing when receive gifts.

In addition, gift packaging could make people feel Song of length, so that the other felt his important position in your mind, and thus more strongly to impress each other’s hearts.In Europe, sometimes even gift wrap more expensive than the cost of the gift itself, spend ten dollars for a package worth a dollar gift, such examples are common.

But shop online can not send free packaging when get van cleef & arpels necklace box replica from us.Why?

Transnational postage very expensive for us,and our price are so cheap.We will lost money if send free packing. Hope could get you understanding!

So please kindly also purchase some packaging box if you buy van cleef alhambra necklace fake at our shop online.

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